Into the Nether…

Welcome to the blog! I’ll be sharing insights about my writing process, the status of current project(s), and anything else I find that tickles my fancy.

Much of my last ten years has been focused on one story, a fantasy, which I planned as a trilogy. In the scope of how young I started it, ten years isn’t a long time. I finished the first draft of book one just before the new year (seriously, 9:00 PM on New Year’s Eve), and then set it aside for a couple of weeks. When I came back to it, I thought I’d be ready to push through revisions and editing sweeps to get it ready for the world of querying. I was wrong. I reread it, saw that the first half needed substantial rewriting, and promptly panicked.

It’s taken a few months, some tears/frustration, lurking on a variety of writing websites, and a lot of jottings on dry erase boards and paper, but I finally feel like I have a better grip on how the first half has to be changed.

Although writing isn’t easy, I want to show readers the world that I’ve created, and the characters who inhabit it.


Side note – I am really impressed that Literature&Latte (the people who make Scrivener) have a way to look up your order number if you’ve purchased it previously. So glad I don’t have to buy it again!




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2 responses to “Into the Nether…

  1. I’ve been there. It sucks but worth it.

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