Countdowns, Countdowns Everywhere

Some exciting things are happening in the next two weeks (not agent rep. or publishing excitement, but I’ll get there at some point). Hubs and I are headed to Mexico on Saturday for our anniversary. Wee!

We’ll be soaking up sun and margaritas for six days, and canoeing at least a couple mornings. I’ll help row us out, he’ll row us in. It’s a win-win for everybody. Our trip last year was the first time I’ve ever canoed. There’s nothing like racing through the ocean with waves splashing on your face to put your life in perspective.

The second exciting thing is that DFWCon starts the day after we return. I’ll be going, inevitable sunburns and all.

It will be the first conference I’ve ever attended, and it looks fantastic. There are so many panels and talks, I wish there was a way to attend them all. (Come on Hermione, give me the time-turner!). I’ve signed up for a consultation, but haven’t decided on the main points I’d like to ask about. That’s the good thing about disconnecting in Mexico — throw together a hammock, daiquiri, and a notebook, and you’ve got yourself a distraction-free brainstorming party. As long as the wildlife is napping, anyway.



Are any of you going to DFWCon? What workshop, panel, or discussion are you most excited about?


** Side note – can anybody explain to me how to “tier” the Twitter handles I follow? There are a few that post/RT crap that I just don’t care about 90% of the time, while tweets from several other handles are showing up way late on my feed.



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